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Integrate all of your standard telephone controls and business data on the computer desktop. With CyDesk, our powerful CTI (computer telephony integration) software, you can save valuable time and improve customer experience. Individual user 'presence' with configurable breaks allows staff to identify the status of their colleagues and teams enabling supervisors to monitor the efficient use of time.

CyDesk unified communications delivers advanced service management and business efficiency. Utilising modern web architecture, the browser based solution requires no desktop software install.

Your computer becomes a powerful business tool with telephony features including answer, hold, re-dial, conference and transfer.

  • Incoming calls prompt automatic screen-pop with caller's details.
  • Click-to-dial from Outlook, CRM, database or anywhere in Windows.
  • Set teams and queues and transfer between queues when used with CyCC.
  • Improve performance with supervisor monitoring from any location.
  • Agents can set their availability and easily identify the status of other users.
  • Inbound, outbound and missed call history.
  • Campaign management and call completion codes.
  • Stand-alone system or integrated with your Outlook, CRM or database.
  • Reduce call costs with improved dialling accuracy.
  • Modern web architecture utilising approved web browsers on PC & Mac.
  • No need for desktop software installs.
  • Easily scale up to 10,000+ users.

Screen-pop with caller's details

CyDesk allow agents to access the caller's detail immediately, enabling them to answer with a warmer, more professional welcome. By integrating into your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or database, calls are automatically matched with contacts in your system and the customers information is presented in a screen-pop right on the agents desktop.

When used in conjunction with Outlook, CRM or a database, previous calls are logged and all the customer history (including recorded calls where applicable) are easily accessible at the click of a button.

Update availability status

CyDesk goes way beyond traditional CTI software, allowing users to quickly and easily update their status to any one of the options pre-defined by the administrator. CyDesk displays the status of other users and how long they have been away.

If a user wishes to contact another user who is currently unavailable, they can set an alert to identify when they become available.

Easily transfer calls

Calls can be answered, put on hold and transferred with the click of a button. Agents can select from a range of transfer options; they can SMS or instant message colleagues or have CyDesk alert them once a busy user is made available.

This intuitive and flexible system ensures an efficient and cost effective platform for your organisation, whilst providing the highest quality customer experience.

Integrating CyDesk with your existing technology

We understand that you have made significant investments into your business intelligence and communication systems which is why our award winning solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing technology. Contact us today and find out how we can integrate great customer experience into your business.

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Powerful supervisor monitoring tools

Due to the flexible web based architecture, supervisors can log in and monitor their teams from anywhere using the powerful tools integrated into CyDesk.

Supervisors can see a log of all the calls made or taken by each agent and when used in conjunction with CyRecord, individual calls can be played back at the click of a button.

Add CyRecord™ call recording and reporting with PCI DSS compliance

Essential for any organisation, call recording provides undisputed facts about calls, resulting in more rapid dispute resolution.

CyRecord also allows you to monitor and improve your customer service through listening, training and compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies.

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Prove adherence to the business requirements of your clients.
  • Improve staff capability through listening and performance review.
  • Improve service delivery through accurate recording of the facts.
  • Resolve 'who said what' disputes quickly and without concession.
  • Pinpoint top performers skills to help less successful colleagues.

Take it to the next level

The CyTrack suite of software applications is modular enabling you to pick and choose what works for you. CyDesk is the desktop telephony interface and building block for CyTrack's Omni-channel CyCC Inbound Contact Centre and CyCall Outbound Contact Centre solutions. These solutions take your business to the next level in modern sales and marketing and customer service technology.

You don't need to be a call centre to utilise Contact Centre technology. In the modern social online world, your customers call has never been more important. To be successful today, you must be able to swiftly and professionally respond to your customers across a broad range of interaction channels, from voice, to email, web chat to social media. This has to be managed together with ensuring customer satisfaction levels are high and ensuring the right person with the best skills is matched to handle the connection. Last but not least, it's essential to deliver accurate information in real time and historical reports to all divisions of the business.

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