Omni-channel contact centre

Make it easy for your customers to communicate however they want, anywhere, anyhow.

To be successful today you must be omni-channel. As a result you are able to swiftly and professionally respond to your customers across a broad range of interaction channels. Your customers want you to respond immediately, accurately, in the manner they choose and they also want you to have their details already to hand.

CyCC™ goes beyond traditional ACD systems providing you an array of communication channels such as Voice, SMS, Email, Fax, Web Chat, Web Call-back, Call back in Queue and Social Media connections meaning you can connect on any level.

Omni-channel universal queue for inbound leads based on channel and agent skills

Quality customer service for every business

The CyCC omni-channel contact centre technology offers a world class customer experience solution whether you are a team of just two or a large enterprise group. Whether you are in one office, various geographical locations or utilising remote workers, you can now offer the key requirements for successful and modern customer experience.

  • Professionally manage customer communication
  • Ensure calls are directed to the best person for the job
  • Give your customers the options they expect
  • Ensure staff always have the right information
  • Measure results

Customer experience is the new currency of power

Many products are commodified, meaning profits are harder to make by simply focusing on price. However, by improving customer experience, businesses can differentiate themselves. A company with effective customer experience strategy and technology will therefore rise above the competition and become the go-to business for today's ever more discerning customers.

Spending is geared heavily towards marketing, and for this reason companies often fail to budget effectively for the development of their customer experience. With power shifting to consumers and therefore to the companies that earn their loyalty, customer experience really is the new currency of business.

"Your Call" really has become important

It's the all centre cliché: "your call is important to us, please continue to hold and we will answer your call as soon as possible". However, behind this original (and overused) queue message is a core principle for any successful business - your customer's call really is important!

When a customer takes the time to contact you, whether by voice call, SMS, email or social media, it is a rare opportunity to build loyalty. By offering a true omni-channel choice in how they communicate with your business, giving them relevant information and making better use of your support staff through intelligent routing, you can capitalise on this connection and let your customers know their call really is important to you.

Easily answer and transfer calls with the click of a button

CyDesk is integrated into CyCC allowing calls to be answered, put on hold and transferred with the click of a button. Agents can select from a range of transfer options; they can SMS or instant message colleagues or have CyDesk alert them once a busy user is made available.

This intuitive and flexible system ensures an efficient and cost effective platform for your organisation, whilst providing the highest quality customer experience.

Update availability status

Users can quickly and easily update their status to any one of the options pre-defined by the administrator. CyDesk displays the status of other users and how long they have been away.

If a user wishes to contact another user who is currently unavailable, they can set an alert to identify when they become available.

Measure your key business metrics

CyReport is integrated into CyCC and offers powerful reporting tools for system performance, service levels, grades of service and team evaluation. Because what gets measured, gets managed.

  • Measure staff efficiency to improve productivity & customer service
  • Automatic Scheduling of reports to print, email or file (CSV, PDF, Excel)
  • Multi-user and multi-site support
  • Account Code tracking for project/Item Billing
  • SQL database architecture & SQL Reporting Services reports architecture
  • Powerful Carrier Tariff interface
  • Directory and Information Services

Powerful supervisor monitoring tools

Due to the flexible web based architecture, supervisors can log in and monitor their teams from anywhere using the powerful tools integrated into CyDesk.

Supervisors can see a log of all the calls made or taken by each agent and when used in conjunction with CyRecord, individual calls can be played back at the click of a button.

Contact centre technology isn't only for call centres

Many successful small to medium sized businesses are now utilising affordable omni-channel contact centre technology to offer a more streamlined and enjoyable customer experience. The technologies, methodologies and managed approaches pioneered by call centres are now available to all businesses.

Every customer-facing employee is considered part of your 'virtual contact centre.

Contact centres are no longer formalised banks of agents. The difference between a receptionist and a single-agent contact centre is the technology offering overflow routing, intelligent queues, and even self-help options.

Integrating CyCC with your existing technology

We understand that you have made significant investments into your business intelligence and communication systems which is why our award winning solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing technology.

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Make the CyCC solution your own

Every business has unique needs and business processes for competitive advantage and quality service. For this reason, Business Process Automation (BPA) and Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) are at the heart of our advanced fit and customisation solutions.

CyTrack products offer inbuilt tools to meet your businesses individual requirements. Alternatively, you can work directly with our R&D team to create truly specialised applications tailored to work within your specific IT strategy and architecture.

A modular suite of customer experience applications to suite your business

CyTrack products are a modular range of customer experience applications enabling you to pick and choose what works for you. These can be delivered individually or integrated together for a complete business solution.

Our customer experience technology experts are available to answer your questions and help you find the right configuration for your business.

Add CyRecord™ call recording and reporting with PCI DSS compliance

Essential for any organisation, call recording provides undisputed facts about calls, resulting in more rapid dispute resolution.

CyRecord also allows you to monitor and improve your customer service through listening, training and compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies.

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Prove adherence to the business requirements of your clients.
  • Improve staff capability through listening and performance review.
  • Improve service delivery through accurate recording of the facts.
  • Resolve 'who said what' disputes quickly and without concession.
  • Pinpoint top performers skills to help less successful colleagues.

Take it to the next level...

CyCC is highly flexible and the following applications are all available as additional options. Contact us today and we'll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and find a solution that fits your business.

CyCoach Build skills, confidence and performance of your team.

CyCall Boost your outbound capability and create more opportunities.

CyLive Powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for customer self service.

CyChat Web chat service solution to provide your customers with superlative service.

CySocial Social Media integration, queue priority & Overflow Management.

CySurvey Create surveys to measure your customer's satisfaction.

CySMS Communicate with your partners, clients and customers via SMS.

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