Beyond telemarketing with proactive opportunity creation

Speak to more customers and prospects with CyCall omni-channel outbound & telemarketing contact centre.

The evolution of the outbound contact centre, CyCall is a blended environment to connect your team with more people and create more opportunities. An affordable and professional telemarketing outbound contact centre management and reporting system which can be used to increase revenue opportunities or to simply stay in touch with your customers.

CyCall Omni-Channel Communication

CyCall enables your team to connect with more people and create more opportunities.

  • Fully blended IP Contact Centre Solution.
  • Preview, Progressive, Pre-emptive, Predictive, Adaptive & Outcall modes.
  • Load campaign data from ODBC or directly from CRM.
  • Skills based routing.
  • Unlimited campaigns.
  • Unlimited agents per team.
  • SMS & web call-back.
  • Completion codes.
  • Automatic & scheduled retry.
  • Campaign expiry date and scheduling.
  • Built-in CRM integration for list retrieval.
  • Historical reporting and dashboard.

Which approach works best?

1. Preview Mode

In preview mode, the system will pop the next selected target details up allowing the agent to view pertinent details. CyCall then dials the number when the agent clicks 'ready'. When finished the agent can complete any wrap-up details and then clicks 'ready' for the next target screen pop and 'ready' to dial the number - the cycle is repeated. In this mode the agent controls the pace of each next call.

2. Progressive Mode

In Progressive mode the call centre manager enters a wrap up time that allows the agent to complete details after the call - then the next target is popped to the agent and the number is dialled. When the call is completed the agent has the set time to complete details before the next target is popped and the number dialled. In this mode the administrator is enforcing a pace between each call.

3. Pre-Emptive Dialling

Many people confuse a pre-emptive dialer with a 'predictive dialer' when they ask for this type of functionality.

A pre-emptive dialer is preferred by many customers because it provides many of the productive features of a predictive dialer but can be run with less agents. The customer can also control the out-dial patterns and ratios specifically to their preference, and calls are only made when agents are already available.

A predictive dialer however calculates this process using automatic algorithms. If you don't have enough agents and/or reasonably high level call volumes then a pre-emptive dialer may be more suitable.

The CyCall pre-emptive dialling module auto-dials the campaign numbers as agents become available and determines whether they are a 'positive' connection (answered by a person) or 'unpositive' (an answering machine, fax, or modem). Positive Connections are immediately transferred to an agent.

The management interface allows for configuration of ratios of agent to callout patterns and agent availability.

4. Predictive Dialling

The CyTrack predictive dialer is suited for outbound contact centres of more than 10 agents and for aggressive telemarketing. A predictive dialer works by an advanced call-pacing algorithm that places calls from a list.

The predictive dialer's aim is to ensure a call is ready with a reached contact as the agent becomes available. Unlike pre-emptive, which waits to dial when agents are available, the predictive dialer is calculating when to start dialling for the next contact based on a prediction of when the next agent will be available and the time and number of calls it may take to get that next contact. The predictive dialer maximises the use of the agents and the contact list.

The predictive dialer uses a very specialised and complex algorithm by measuring and automatically adjusting its process to be the most efficient, including considerations such as below:

  • Average ring time.
  • Success rate.
  • Max dropped call rate.
  • Over-dial rate.
  • Agent available count.
  • Average call handling time.
  • Connect rate.

Multi-dial mode

Multi-dial mode


Do not call list

Do not call list

Powerful campaign management

Integrates with your CRM or database

CyCall can talk to your customer database or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CyCall connects to most popular systems right out of the box, including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SalesLogix, GoldMine, Maximizer, ACT! and many more.

If you have developed your own CRM or customer service solution, we can work with that too. Our software kits & API's enable you to talk with us and set up your own click to dial, screen pops, storage of key details about the call, voice recordings and more.

Campaign management

Use your CRM or spreadsheet to create segmented lists, which can then be imported into a CyCall campaign.

CyCall campaigns offer a flexible system that can be configured to your requirements, assigned to specific teams and scheduled to call at the most successful times.

Set expiry dates for lists

In general, washed lists can only be relied upon for 30 days, which is why CyCall allows you to assign expiry dates on your imported lists to ensure compliance.

Post campaign analysis

Exporting post campaign data from CyCall and analysing the results is an excellent way to re-segment and create new campaigns, maximising your efficiency and effectiveness.


Choose to automatically reschedule all unconnected calls, or have agents manually reschedule via a built-in calendar.


If an agent is unexpectedly unavailable, CyCall can reassign the missing agent's calls according to your preferences.

Full multi-channel IP outbound contact centre suite

  • Campaign admin interface.
  • Business intelligence reporting.
  • All campaigns and agents available activity in real time.
  • Campaign schedule for auto enable/ disable.
  • Preview/ Progressive/ Pre-emptive/ Predictive dial modes.
  • 'Do not call' compliance.
  • Database/ CRM integration.
  • Optional voice recording.
  • Integrated reporting
  • Configurable completion codes and wrap-up times.

UC desktop agent interface

  • CRM integration.
  • Click to dial
  • Screen pop
  • Presence
  • Messaging
  • Optional SMS
  • Completion codes
  • On-screen wallboard
  • Integration with customer database or CRM

Powerful add-ons

  • SMS gateway
  • PCI DSS compliant voice recording
  • IVR
  • Web chat
  • Social media integration
  • Agent evaluation & training module
  • Customer satisfaction & survey module

Update agent availability

CyDesk is a powerful desktop call control tool integrated into CyCall. Users can quickly and easily update their availability status to any one of the options predefined by the administrator. CyDesk also displays the status of other users and how long they have been away.

If a user wishes to contact another user who is currently unavailable, they can message them or even set an alert to identify when that user becomes available.

Screen-pop with caller's details

CyDesk allow agents to access the caller's detail immediately, enabling them to answer with a warmer, more professional welcome. By integrating into your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or database, calls are automatically matched with contacts in your system and the customers information is presented in a screen-pop right on the agents desktop.

When used in conjunction with Outlook, CRM or a database, previous calls are logged and all the customer history (including recorded calls where applicable) are easily accessible at the click of a button.

Powerful supervisor monitoring tools

Due to the flexible web based architecture, supervisors can log in and monitor their teams from anywhere using the powerful tools integrated into CyDesk.

Supervisors can see a log of all the calls made or taken by each agent and when used in conjunction with CyRecord, individual calls can be played back at the click of a button.

Easily transfer calls

Calls can be answered, put on hold and transferred with the click of a button. Agents can select from a range of transfer options; they can SMS or instant message colleagues or have CyDesk alert them once a busy user is made available.

This intuitive and flexible system ensures an efficient and cost effective platform for your organisation, whilst providing the highest quality customer experience.

Measure your key business metrics

CyReport is integrated into CyCall and offers powerful reporting tools for system performance, service levels, grades of service and team evaluation. Because what gets measured, gets managed.

  • Measure staff efficiency to improve productivity & customer service
  • Automatic Scheduling of reports to print, email or file (CSV, PDF, Excel)
  • Multi-user and multi-site support
  • Account Code tracking for project/Item Billing
  • SQL database architecture & SQL Reporting Services reports architecture
  • Powerful Carrier Tariff interface
  • Directory and Information Services

Integrating CyCall with your existing technology

We understand that you have made significant investments into your business intelligence and communication systems which is why our award winning solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing technology. If you have developed your own CRM or customer service solution we can work with that too, check out our Software Kits & API's that enable you to talk with us.

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A modular suite of customer experience applications to suite your business

CyTrack products are a modular range of customer experience applications enabling you to pick and choose what works for you. These can be delivered individually or integrated together for a complete business solution.

Our customer experience technology experts are available to answer your questions and help you find the right configuration for your business.

Add CyCC™ for a truly blended call centre

The blended call centre environment offers advantages in operational effectiveness including improving productivity and offering a consistent level of service to customers, allowing the company to be more proactive in building customer relationships.

To be successful today you must respond to your customers across a broad range of interaction channels. Customers want you to respond immediately, accurately, in the manner they choose and they expect you to have their details already to hand.

CyCC goes far beyond traditional ACD systems, providing an array of inbound communication channels such as voice; SMS; email; fax; web-chat; web-call-back; call-back-in-queue and social media connections, meaning you can connect with your customers on any level.

The addition of CyCC also allows for the integration of CyCoach, CyChat and CySocial modules.

Add CyRecord™ call recording and reporting with PCI DSS compliance

Essential for any organisation, call recording provides undisputed facts about calls, resulting in more rapid dispute resolution.

CyRecord also allows you to monitor and improve your customer service through listening, training and compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies.

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Prove adherence to the business requirements of your clients.
  • Improve staff capability through listening and performance review.
  • Improve service delivery through accurate recording of the facts.
  • Resolve 'who said what' disputes quickly and without concession.
  • Pinpoint top performers skills to help less successful colleagues.

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