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CyDesk — Deliver advanced service management and business efficiency

Link your most important business tools—the PC and the Telephone

Our CyDesk™ application delivers the important functionality that your team needs and at the same time enables the business to monitor and review performance and productivity in real time as well as historically when used in conjunction with our CyReport Business Intelligence solution.

CyDesk™ can be used stand-alone or integrated to Outlook, your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) or Database, Access and many other Windows based applications. You can even just highlight any number in Windows and 'Right-Click' to dial, it’s that easy!

All standard telephone controls such as answer, hold, re-dial, conference and transfer are now easier and now it can be done right from your PC. CyDesk™ also provides advanced functionality for businesses, such as real time management screen for the Administrator, configurable break types to indicate individual user ‘presence status’ and optional voice recording functionality, utilising the power of our CyRecord™ Voice Recording module.

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  • Service efficiency
  • Improve staff capability for better service
  • Performance monitoring
  • Add telephony integration to your Customer Contact, Help Desk or CRM Business Systems
  • Log History of calls made, received and even missed, to your CRM
  • Workflow adherence, presence management and communication

      Powerful Features & Benefits
    • Enabling telephony controls from your PC
    • Click to dial from database & CRM or from anywhere in Windows
    • Screen pop of customer details
    • Drag and drop call control
    • Service efficiency
    • Improve staff capability for better service
    • Performance monitoring
    • Low cost
    • Log History of calls made, received and even missed to your CRM
    • Workflow adherence, ‘presence management’ and communication
    • Compatible with most telephony platforms
    • Alert Me - set Alert Me tags to your colleagues and be alerted when they become free or off a break
    • Instant Message integration with Microsoft Lync
    • Outlook Calendar integration
    • Optional voice recording with CyRecord™
       CRM & Database Integration
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 & 4.0
    • GoldMine
    • SalesLogix
    • Maximizer
    • Salesforce
    • Outlook
    • Access
    • Many more specialised vertical applications available
    • Custom Integration available via CyDesk™ Integration Gateway

    Integrated with your Technology
    CyTrack offers freedom of choice by integrating with most leading voice platforms including Avaya, Panasonic and many more together with most CRM Solutions on the market.

    Software Integration Kits
    Ask us for more details on our Software Integration Kits & API’s, you can embed our controls into your own app and talk directly to our reporting engine and dashboards

    Our SMS Gateway module which enables SMS to your CyTrack solution . Whether you utilise it for customer service, Tele-Marketing, system alerts, or SMS to and from your desktop.

    Voice Recording
    For many businesses recording telephone calls is a necessity - Record All, On Demand or Random, integrated with CyDesk—CyRecord can also store the recordings in your CRM

    Business Process Automation
    Powerful rules and workflows together with the CyTrack Software Integration & API Kits enable tight integration to your business processes and technologies

    Business Intelligence Reporting
    Smart Dashboards, Web browser Reporting, automated emailing of reports. Powerful filters and over 150 reports covering traffic analysis, grade of service, agents performance and more

    Outbound & Tele-Marketing
    Whether you have part-time or full-time need for an Outbound Call environment, CyCall offers Preview, Progressive & Pre-Emptive modes to suite your requirements and budget

    Our Intelligent Unified Communications Operator Console, empower your front desk staff with Click to Dial, Screen Pop, Script management, Messaging and Presence in a central and simple interface.

    CyTrack Contact Centre Solutions
    Powerful & affordable Inbound Contact Centre technology with Multi-Channel and Social Media add-on Modules that can be designed for any sized business

    CyTrack Technology Connections
    We’ve got the connections, our solution suite integrates and supports a wide range of important technology protocols and interfaces

    Cloud Agnostic
    Everyone is talking about the Cloud, but what suits you ? We are Cloud Agnostic and support local, hybrid or Cloud, click here for more
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