Build your Smarter Business

The CyTrack suite of software applications is modular enabling you
to pick and choose what works for you.

Contact centre technology is not reserved for call centers. The technologies and methodologies pioneered by call centers are now being implemented in all smart businesses today.

The CyTrack suite of software applications combined with our partner’s telephony, CRM & database platforms transform Businesses and how they operate in a modern world.

Cloud, On Premise or Hybrid – What Suits You ?

Everyone is talking about the Cloud, but what suits you ?

We are Cloud Agnostic and we’re not here to espouse what’s right for you, whether you prefer the benefits of locally installed on your site or remotely in Cloud Services…It’s up to you.

We support a wide range of environments and architectures, whether you want to install locally, have a Cloud Services provider, Virtual Servers in a datacentre, or a hybrid model.

Microsoft endorses CyTrack for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Read more about Microsoft Azure Solutions.

Talk to our sales team and we can plan what’s best for you with your team and specialist advisers or technology partners.

  • Locally on your own site and PC’s and Servers
  • Locally on your own site in Virtual Servers
  • Remotely in Data Centre
  • Remotely in Cloud Services or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers
cloudCustomer Premises

Multi-Channel Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

To be successful today, you must be able to swiftly and professionally respond to your customers across a broad range of interaction channels.


You don’t need to be a call centre to utilise Cloud Contact Centre technology for ensuring you meet your most important needs, communicate with customers in any way, create high customer satisfaction and differentiate your business.

To be successful today, you must be able to swiftly and professionally respond to your customers across a broad range of interaction channels, from voice, to email, web chat to social media. This has to be managed together with ensuring customer satisfaction levels are high and ensuring the right person with the best skills is matched to handle the connection.

Last but not least, it’s essential to deliver accurate information in real time and historical reports to all divisions of the business.


Outbound Contact Centre & Tele-Marketing

It provides you a blended environment that simply means your team connect with more people.


Customers and prospects are bombarded with email, social media and advertising and to reach more customers & prospects the most direct method is by boosting your outbound telephone call capability.

As you grow, or for more specialised environments, our additional modules can enhance your outbound capability, with automated outcall, IVR (integrated voice response), voice recording, team coach and training management.

Translate customer experience into profitable growth

There is a gold standard for companies who want to translate customer experience into profitable growth. It’s called Net Promoter.

CyTrack recommends Net Promoter Score (NPS) as the gold standard loyalty metric for measuring customer satisfaction. Our CySurvey tool is developed as a powerful but simple survey tool that enables you to ask your customer questions that request a simple 0-10 score and pursue the NPS methodology.

Tools for Staff Evaluation & Training

Build skills, confidence and performance through assessment, feedback and direction.

As you know, your people act on the front line and are the face of the company when you encounter your customer. They deliver the ‘moment of truth’ which determines a customer’s perception of, and reaction to, your brand and business. Moments of truth can make or break your organisation’s relationship with your customers. Your team is your most expensive and valuable asset. We will enable you to build skills, confidence and performance through consistent professional assessment, feedback and direction.


Ensure Business Compliance

Ensure business compliance for services and meet PCI DSS for credit card safety.

If you have to deliver any form of service level performance, or it’s important to provide detailed reports of activities for billing and services, you need a first class reporting system that provides you real time and historic data so you are fully informed and on top of your business.

Equally important, if you handle payment transactions over the telephone businesses are now under considerable pressure to ensure that their call recording system is PCI Compliant. Fraud is on the increase and businesses need to ensure that they are carrying out the necessary safeguards to protect the consumer. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is rapidly becoming the international standard for credit card safety.

Business Analytics

Business Reporting & Dashboards to measure & manage.


All businesses need to live by the laws of efficiency, speed, and great customer service. Creating exceptional value with highest efficiency is the name of the game and the adage of ‘what gets measured gets managed’ is never truer in this endeavour.

The CyTrack Business Intelligence solution is a suite of applications that delivers historic and current information on the businesses communications activities to support better business analysis and decision making with your customers. Your team is your most expensive and valuable asset, we will enable you to build skills, confidence and performance through consistent professional assessment, feedback and direction.

Deliver Self Services

Self Service to differentiate your business and reduce cost of service.


Customer Facing Self Service Automation (CFSSA) reduces bottom line costs and delivers new and unique services channelling traffic away from high cost highly trained manual service teams.Free your team to focus on performing high quality service. Customers help themselves and your team gets less traffic.

Business Process Automation

Make the CyTrack Solution your own with Communications enabled Business Process Automation.


Every business has unique needs and business processes for competitive advantage and quality service. Business Process Automation (BPA) and Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) are the heart of advanced fit and customisation of the CyTrack solution to your business.

We have inbuilt tools to meet businesses individual requirements, or you can work directly with our R&D Team to create truly specialized applications to work with your IT strategy and architecture.